Turning Regrets Into Rejoicing

by Emily on December 7, 2012

I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to have regrets. Sometimes, though, it’s hard not to. But even while you’re struggling to see a silver lining around a particular cloud, you can rejoice in the fact that life could be worse.

Here are some of my regrets and subsequent rejoices:

  • I regret having had such a big, stressful wedding. But I rejoice in having married Jerry seven years ago.
  • I regret that I injured my neck shortly before we got married. But I rejoice in having been able to go to Maui on our honeymoon, anyway.
  • I regret not having counseled with a podiatrist ten years ago about how to prevent my bunion from getting worse. But I rejoice that I may avoid a second bunionectomy by wearing supportive shoes.
  • Jerry regrets not having moved his retirement funds into money market accounts right before the 2008 crash. But we are both rejoicing in the opportunity to create streams of income online that eventually will make our retirement accounts irrelevant.

What about you?

  • If you regret a career choice, rejoice in the numerous opportunities around you to make a change.
  • If you regret a health issue caused by your bad eating habits, rejoice in the myriad of resources available to help you get better.
  • If you regret how your adult kids turned out, rejoice in knowing that you did the best you could and it’s not your job to “save” them.

Focus on the positive, because the negative will keep you from moving onward and upward. Count your blessings, and rejoice.

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