Small Garden Designs

“Wow, I DO Have Space To Grow A Garden!”


Dear Fellow Green Thumb:

Are you looking for a vegetable garden design that will fit your small backyard, so that you can launch your food-growing venture? Do you just need to see a few small garden ideas to whet your creativity or get you motivated?

You have come to the right place.


Who will this book help?

  • Brand-new vegetable gardeners,
  • Apartment dwellers who wish to turn their patio into an edible mini-forest,
  • Suburbanites and urbanites who want to maximize their growing space, and
  • Gardeners who have had to give up a large lot or acreage but want to figure out how to continue their hobby in a postage stamp-sized area.

What kinds of plans for small gardens will I find in this book?

  • Plans for northern climates,
  • Plans for southern climates, and
  • Plans for four differently-sized areas, including a small patio.

22 plans in all! And every single Southern plan includes a fall vegetable garden design as well!

What else will I find in this book?

You will find basic instructions about:

  1. Determining where to locate your garden,
  2. Building raised beds,
  3. Keeping your garden soil rich,
  4. Reducing pest problems,
  5. Building keyhole beds, and
  6. How to space plants.

You will also find:

  • Ideas on how to trellis your vining and climbing plants,
  • A list of companion plants, and
  • A list of online resources to get your more advanced gardening questions answered.

How will this book benefit me?

Take it from a suburban gardener who struggled with small garden design ideas when she first started: there are very few gardening books that show you exactly what to plant where. The ones that do usually assume you have a TON of space to spread out!

These designs for small gardens will save you a lot of time, money, effort and heartache because THEY TAKE OUT ALL THE GUESSWORK from designing your first vegetable garden or two.

In other words,

You will produce more and waste less!

much less if you are just beginning your gardening journey.

For the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you will get garden plans that will save you hundreds of dollars in grocery bills in just the next year or two.

Are you ready to maximize your small growing space and produce a bunch of nutritious, delicious food for you and your family? Then, click the “Add to cart” button below, pick your garden’s design, and get growing!  :)

Small Garden Designs: 22 plans for growing food in tight spaces

PDF format for $6.95


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