Ready To Become “Crazy Simple”?

by Emily on February 13, 2014

I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath for me to come out with another masterpiece. ;) Perhaps you have despaired the possibility, knowing that my family has been in the middle of preparing to move.

Despite being busy with decluttering, packing, and going through with the actual move (yes, we are finally here, on our rural property!), I managed to complete a book about simple living: Crazy Simple: 307 Ways To Save Money, Your Health, And The Planet.

Too many of us are under constant stress, living busy lives that are, nevertheless, not at all fulfilling. We have gotten sucked into the mainstream way of living which presents lifestyle choices that are utterly unnatural and cause us to put money, possessions, and career above relationships, spiritual growth, and our dreams. They cause us to compromise our health and the health of Planet Earth. They give us the illusion of being free, while in reality we slip into increasingly tighter shackles of bondage with each passing day.

In Crazy Simple, I present other alternatives to living. The ideas run the gamut of mundane and mild, to extreme and what many might think borders on crazy. Probably a solid third of the ideas – at least – are ones which you could easily implement into your life today without having to make any major mental shifts. For example, eating natural food, choosing chemical-free household cleaning options, and trying out positive child discipline methods. Other ideas go to what most Westerners today consider extremes: doing laundry by hand, living in a tiny house, doing away with certain culturally required pieces of furniture.

The great thing about the book (if I do say so myself) is that it exists mainly to inspire and encourage you to take steps to simplify your life at whatever level you feel comfortable. There is, as I point out in the introduction, no “shoulding”. There is not arbitrary pathway to some ephemeral perfect existence.

Probably the most controversial idea in the book is that to have a truly simple life, one must have a personal relationship with the heavenly Father. Even then, the idea is offered on a take-it-or-leave it basis. I don’t try to “convert” or preach the Gospel.

If you feel constantly stressed, often unfulfilled, frequently sick and tired, or like you’re running in circles and going nowhere, Crazy Simple will help you slow down and take a look at your life, and begin to make choices that will gradually turn your life in a better, happier direction.

You can buy your copy today here.



Happy reading,

Emily Josephine

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We Did It. We Moved.

by Emily on January 31, 2014

We did it! We moved. We are now on our rural property for good. Okay, we will have to return to our old house to do the final clean after it’s been painted, and to finish the paperwork with our Realtor.


we did it!

We’ve been planning this move for over two years. But seeing it come to fruition seemed like it was so far away, even a few months ago when we started coming up here every other weekend to work. When Benjamin and I started counting down the days to Jerry’s last day of work, we were 74 days out. And it might as well have been 74 years.

Even after his last day, and our last trip up here a week ago to make final preparations, it didn’t seem real.

Then our movers showed up with the truck yesterday morning (actually, a few mornings ago as we do not have Internet access yet and I am having to wait a few days to go to the library to publish this post. But I’m writing this the morning after the move).

I packed my car, Jerry packed his, and we headed up. Even better, I discovered that my eyes can now stand for me to drive for two and a half hours! Two years ago, I couldn’t drive for fifteen minutes on a sunny day without incurring a headache or discomfort behind my eyes. (Thank God for vitamin C supplements!)

So now we are all here – all of us, including Albert, Whiskers and Pluto (one cat and two rats in a cage). It’s tight in this trailer, but Jerry is finishing up the drywall in the shed, and we hope to be moved in there about a week after having moved from north Texas to southeast Oklahoma.

Freedom from having to have a job in our early forties – without network marketing, thank you very much. This is living. (I explain how most anybody can achieve what we did in my book, Hatching The Nest Egg.)

Despite having to rush to finish cleaning and packing, I was also able to finish my first draft of my latest book, Crazy Simple. Look for that in the Kindle store in, I hope, less than three weeks.

It’s been busy, but it’s been worth it. Talk to you again soon.

Happy reading,

Emily Josephine

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